A charming and relaxed Swedish house in blue and white

Hejsan! It is one of those weeks when I am constantly on the back foot Рdoes anyone else experience that? I would never let you go dry without a nice interior inspiration, other than this beautiful Swedish space that was the highlight of my day! The blue and white color scheme and the relaxed nature of space caught my eye. There is also a charge to like Рincluding furniture, books, plants and works of art that give Kungsladugård its place, Gothenburg, it's the soul! I hope you will feel as inspired as me by this beautiful house!

It is so difficult to find beautiful old tables – but a close-up of it reveals that it was handmade (possibly with IKEA feet and a door or other object recovered). So smart – and not so difficult to tinker with if you want to do something similar.

The living room reminds me a little of Kristin Lagerkvist's beautiful house 8 in Varberg (you can see a preview of her living room.) right here).

There are some nice things at play in the space above – including a painted wood vanity in the same color as the wall, Elfa shelves lined with books and other treasures and a simple gray sheep skin * draped on a mid-century chair – all this gives a personal and comfortable feeling!

So charming, do not you think?

Is there anything that has marked you?

I'm still thinking of Elfa shelves (not just in the living room, but also in the hallway) – and I wonder where I might be able to install more shelves in my own home (so many books, so little time .. and space!).

The blue and white theme reminds me of the subtle coastal tones of this Danish cottage, a striking Swedish blue and white house, full of contrasts and details of this remarkable Danish house. Blue will always be one of my favorite shades – are you also a fan?

Good, better, there is so much to do! Eeeek!


Courtesy Photography Kvarteret Mäkleri

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